Każde z królestw natury: królestwo zwierząt, roślin i minerałow - posiada swoją własną doskonałość.
Człowiek żyjący pośród nich, obserwując je, może czerpać z nich wiele inspiracji w swym dążeniu do własnej, ludzkiej doskonałości.

(Each of the kingdoms of nature: the kingdom of animals, plants and minerals - has its own excellence.
A man who lived among them, watching them, can draw from them a lot of inspiration in his quest for his own, human perfection.)

poniedziałek, 22 marca 2010

Where Squirrels Play

All photos (c) Piotr Woźniak

Warszawa, Bielany - Lasek Lindego; Łazienki Królewskie (ostatnie zdjęcie). Marzec 2010.
Warszawa, Bielany - Linde's Wood; Royal Łazienki Park (last photo). March 2010.

7 komentarzy:

Hilda pisze...

Adorable! Though I hear they can be real pests around the home (we don't have any in the Philippines). I love the standing tufts of hair on his ears!

Bellotita pisze...

Wow beautiful pics so charming!

Hemera pisze...

Piękny rudzielec :)

ER pisze...

I never see red squirrels up here, in England yes. I remember feeding them in Hyde Park. Just like in these photos, they came right up to me for food. These are delightful. :)

Gardendiggers pisze...

I've also heard, that they can be a pests, although it seems we don't have this problem - they stick to the parks and forests and rather rarely came close to homes. Besides, they gain a common sympathy and, AFAIK, are protected species here.
AFAIK in the UK red squirrels were driven by more expansive and bigger grey ones...
In Poland squirrels have a common name "Basia" (diminutive from the name Barbara)... You can often hear kids calling "Basia Basia Basia" in parks. And they came ;-)

O tak, rudzielce są piękne ;-)

veredit pisze...

How magical are then! a picture is more beautiful than the other - the red squirrel will probably be the loser because the American gray are now arrived in Europe and these cute little guys probably displace.

liebe Grüße

Mamsan pisze...

Wiewiorka slodka...! widac, ze wcale sie nie bala i jeszcze pieknie do zdjec pozowala... :-)

Pozdrawiam. M

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