Każde z królestw natury: królestwo zwierząt, roślin i minerałow - posiada swoją własną doskonałość.
Człowiek żyjący pośród nich, obserwując je, może czerpać z nich wiele inspiracji w swym dążeniu do własnej, ludzkiej doskonałości.

(Each of the kingdoms of nature: the kingdom of animals, plants and minerals - has its own excellence.
A man who lived among them, watching them, can draw from them a lot of inspiration in his quest for his own, human perfection.)

środa, 11 listopada 2009

Snow Kettles

(c) Beata Sobolewska-Woźniak
A view from the edge of Great Snow Kettle.

Snow Kettles - Śnieżne Kotły in Karkonosze range are cirques or niches eroded by the glacier. There are two kettles: Small Kettle (ca 550 m. long, 400 m. width, 300 m. depth) and Great Kettle (800 m. long, 600 m. width, 300 m. depth), divided by rocky bed. The granite walls are 100 m. high. The Kettles area is natural and biosphere preserve with some unique, endemic species, like specific type of saxifraga - Saxifraga moschata basaltica - it's the only place where this type occurs. Also lot of alpine and arctic types, and, what's interesting, lichen type Rhizocarpon lecanorium which is the oldest plant in Karkonosze (some of them are 600 years old).

(c) Piotr Woźniak

Eastern wall of Great Snow Kettle.

(c) Piotr Woźniak

Look down to the north.

3 komentarze:

Anonimowy pisze...

I love how the dainty pink color stands out..^^

Anonimowy pisze...

All 3 are really pretty, but I especially like how you shot the 1st pic w/ the flowers in the foreground! So pretty

Day4plus pisze...

Beautiful post. the flowers clearly stand out in the stark landscape. Interesting info. Thanks. MB

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