Każde z królestw natury: królestwo zwierząt, roślin i minerałow - posiada swoją własną doskonałość.
Człowiek żyjący pośród nich, obserwując je, może czerpać z nich wiele inspiracji w swym dążeniu do własnej, ludzkiej doskonałości.

(Each of the kingdoms of nature: the kingdom of animals, plants and minerals - has its own excellence.
A man who lived among them, watching them, can draw from them a lot of inspiration in his quest for his own, human perfection.)

wtorek, 6 października 2009

Greeting Autumn

Od Kwiaty (Piotr)
(c) Piotr Woźniak

Od Kwiaty (Piotr)
(c) Piotr Woźniak

Od Kwiaty (Piotr)
(c) Piotr Woźniak

7 komentarzy:

fotosppf pisze...

Very Nice, Very Nice

David pisze...

You are lucky to have flower pictures to post. We are moving into fall here in Utah. There has been snow in the mountains and we have had a few nights below freezing. There are not many flowers still in bloom. Thanks! In a few months we all will get to see the world renew itself with spring and more flowers. I can't wait! Until then, I will visit your blog for a reminder of the beauty you have captured and share with us.

Pacey pisze...

Very artistically shot...love the angles in these.

Lois pisze...

So simple, yet so beautiful!

Tabib pisze...

I like the lighting.

Day4plus pisze...

Simplicity of flowers and yet so deep. MB

Floral Friday pisze...

Yes a very welcome Autumn indeed! I love how you captured the brilliant blooms with the dying ones in the foreground! Very very nice.

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